Lightning AI


Lightning AI is software that uses AI and machine learning to help you grow and expand your target market and advertise to them on Facebook & Google.

I have been working with the Lightning AI team for the past couple of months on their brand, website, and just recently started work on product. They came to me with two weeks until their pitch on demo day for the startup incubator they are a part of needing a whole new brand and website. With a one month old and a toddler, I managed to help them make it happen!


  • Launched new brand and website in 2 weeks

  • Working with data scientists and ad professionals to create a super simple app to launch and manage campaigns

Product work

I have been pulled in to work alongside their CEO, head of data, and head of strategy on the MVP for their product. Here are some early user workflows and a peek into some designs I'm working on currently.

The top workflow shows the user's onboarding experience. This flow leads right into the next one where they are creating a campaign strategy and uploading creatives.

Click the image to view the interactive prototype

Click the image to view the interactive prototype

Logo & Visual Design

I created a flexible brand and visual design for them to use in the product and throughout all of their marketing materials. They love it!

Artboard 1@2x.png
Artboard 3@2x.png
Artboard 3 copy@2x.png
Artboard 2@2x.png