Just put some paint on the canvas 🎨


For the first few months at Roadmap we were moving fast. Like, really fast. We'd scrap things and redo them (or ditch them), make random updates, and change things to experiment.  

But we're to the point now where we are happy with the shape of the product. We've painted broad strokes and now it's time to go in and refine.

As a team, we're putting together a quality assurance checklist, starting to have a more formal release schedule, and implementing some automated tests before things hit production. After all, we have customers now who have put their product ideas, backlog and roadmap in our hands. And that's not something we take lightly. 

So in the spirit of documentation and making things more official, I've started thinking about what good design looks like at Roadmap. To what standard do I hold myself and my team accountable for good design?

Well, before it can become a living design system masterpiece that becomes a verb to everyone in the company... I have to put some paint on the canvas.

So like our product was in its early days, this is just that. 

  1. Is it intuitive and easy to use? 

  2. Is it enjoyable to use?

  3. Is it valuable to our users? 

Because you have to build a piece of art, layer by layer. And it doesn't matter how easy or enjoyable to use if it isn't of value.