Selfie gif, because why not?

Selfie gif, because why not?

Honestly, it was animated gifs and coding online diaries that lured me to a career in technology.

After design school, I worked for marketing and advertising agencies, technology startups, and software companies, searching for my place in the design industry. And along the way, I discovered I'm most passionate about designing simple products that solve real problems and that people love to use. 


I was one of the first teachers at online educational startup, Treehouse from 2011, where I taught, spoke, and wrote a lot about design fundamentals and user experience. Shortly after, I led design at Las Vegas based startup Jobhive, who wasn't so lucky. I was witness to the harsh realities that sometimes face early stage startups as they raise capital and try to scale. 

In 2015, I worked remotely as a designer at Basecamp, a software company that creates a product management tool of the same name. In a short time, I learned a lot about product strategy, marketing, and design from some very smart, talented people. 

A once-in-a-lifetime type opportunity brought my husband and son to Cambridge, United Kingdom for the next two years. We made amazing memories in England, cycling through the university lined streets through herds of cows, punting, traveling, and enjoying life in another country. (Bucket list item, check!)

There, I worked as a UX Designer at Redgate Software designing a new product called SQL Clone, a database provisioning product for database administrators and developers. At Redgate I gained valuable experience launching a new product to market and talking to users.



As of April 2017, I'm back in the US of A. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Based in Seattle, WA,  I'm focusing on building and scaling my own product with two co-founders, Roadmap full time. Roadmap is a product management application that makes it easier for teams to communicate with users and build feedback-driven products.

I've also been working on developing the Your Grayce brand, sharing great content and resources for creatives and designing hand-lettered prints. You can find those for sale in my shop, and on Etsy.

I'm actively looking for opportunities to collaborate on some lettering work. ✍🏻 Let's chat about it!

The way to my heart is with peonies.... my Apple pencil and iPad pro

The way to my heart is with peonies.... my Apple pencil and iPad pro

Working on a personal lettering project

Working on a personal lettering project


where to find me

πŸ‘‰ I'm most active on Snapchat @yourgrayce, Instagram @yourgrayce, and Twitter @allisongrayce. I sometimes hang out and post work in progress shots on Dribbble. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.